Digital Sketchnotes, Academic Conference
Live Virtual Presentation, Digital Sketchnote
Live, community workshop. Digital Sketchnotes.
Live remote conference presentation, digital sketchnote

Virtual, remote digital sketchnotes panel discussion

Live, remote conference sketchnotes

Summary of virtual community meetings and presentations

Virtual community engagement, live illustration
Hybrid event, book launch on Zoom and live
Live remote workshop, digital sketchnotes

Conference notes, illustration
Live conference notes, remote illustration

Remote illustration for GANE, International Research Consortium

CANSEE academic conference – live capture via Zoom presentations

Sketchnote from video recording from ISSS 2019 conference

Live sketch (large whiteboard) public meeting

epmo mission playthink sm

can impact synthesis map
illustrations of patient journey through health care system

The situation gameboard-mid
illustration of futures scenario visioning for US Air Force Research Lab