About Patricia

Hello! My name is Patricia Kambitsch.

I am a visual storyteller. I enjoy the challenge of bringing visual clarity to complex issues and wicked problems.  I have experience working with all types of high-engagement events, professional meetings, conferences, and online international presentations.

I am the founder of the Visual Thinkers Society (formerly Visual Thinkers Toronto), a cross- disciplinary community of practice that works to expand capacity in visual communication.

A former classroom teacher and adviser, I taught for over twenty years in public schools, where I learned first-hand the power of visual communication.

In my spare time I draw cartoons, paint, and DJ at ecstatic dance events.

Why I Do What I Do

Sometimes words are not enough to fully engage in the important conversations of our lives. In my work I seek to include all of us: all our senses, all our imaginations, all our creative powers through the tools of the arts: including-but not limited to-drawing, storytelling and dance. I am a lifelong teacher and learner, and I hold B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Dayton.

Contact me at Patricia@playthink.com 416.799.6750

You can find more of my writing at Slow Learning

And my occasional Newsletter on Substack